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luxury boudoir photography

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The boudoir photo session is a unique experience that shows you new perspectives on yourself and lets you see your beauty and sensuality. Boudoir photos are not only available for a certain age or occupation group (not only models deserve beautiful photos), clothing size or a certain look – but for every woman, because every woman is uniquely beautiful.

Booking luxury boudoir photography is possible after receiving the email or the links below.


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Private boudoir sessions are €500, with boudoir packages starting at €950. Friend sessions start at €300 per person. I offer a variety of print and digital products, including hi-resolution digital files, custom photo books & albums, custom mobile apps, canvas gallery wraps, framed fine art prints, folios and image boxes. There is no pressure to purchase anything, and no minimum order. You decide what works best for you.



Every session takes place on location, and together we select a location that is the perfect fit for your budget and the overall look that supports your individual experience. Some women prefer their own homes, others like hotels, bed and breakfasts or other more creative spaces. I work with you to ensure that the location supports the overall feel we want as well as your budget. If the session takes place in your home, it’s a good idea to clean and clear the space from anything too distracting, like gym equipment, toys, laundry, luggage, family photos, pet beds and anything that might look odd in your photos. I prefer to use natural light or minimal artificial lighting so the sessions flow naturally. When booking a room, I recommend asking for rooms with lots of natural light, space and great views. We’ll chat or email about the overall look, and we’ll pick a location that fits your aesthetic and budget. Click here for a list of some suggested hotels.



My retouching style is very natural and subtle. With retouching, I remove the distractions that take the focus away from you. Distractions can be things like flyaway hairs, seam marks on your skin from jeans or strap marks from a bra, environmental eyesores like wall outlets or marks on furniture and bedding, and of course, skin imperfections like that blemish that shows up the morning of your shoot because of course it does. After your session, we’ll meet up in my office to review your images and select your products. If we live too far away or you’re a busy little bee, I’ll send you a link to your very own password protected proofing gallery so you can review your pictures at your convenience.  Every image you select or purchase is masterfully retouched for the very best results. For me, retouching isn’t about filters, actions or assembly line batch effects, and I’m not here to change you into someone you’re not. I retouch my work thoughtfully, and I’m passionate about creating the most stunning images that celebrate your individuality and one-of-a-kind beauty.


50% of your session fee along with the contract is due to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due on or before the session.



Privacy is another very important aspect of LavinHub, and I only post photos with your permission. I’ve worked with a variety of high-profile women where privacy is of the utmost importance, so if you want to keep your session private, no images will be made public by me.  I also never posts nudity, so you can relax knowing that your private parts will be kept, well, private!



I travel all over the Germany for private commissions . Feel free to email me with any travel questions you may have.



You know what you like and you know what looks good and makes you feel sexy, which is why I ask you to bring a wide variety of wardrobe choices.  I tell every woman to bring her favorite lingerie, and at least one solid bra & panty set, but really, the sky is the limit. And don’t limit yourself to just lingerie. This is a time to have fun and try something you’ve always wanted to wear. Favorite little dress, coziest sweater, superhero underwear, lace corset, latex jumpsuit, Mardi gras headdress…I could keep going, but you get the idea.  I do suggest you bring more than you think you will need or want, and during our consultations, I can discuss wardrobe in detail.



  • Moisturize! Inside & Out! Make sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin all over. Hydration is super important to looking and feeling your best.
  • For any skin treatments, from facials to lasers to injections, give yourself at least 2-3 weeks between your procedure and your shoot, and talk to your Dermatologist.
  • Hair Removal-I recommend shaving the night before and waxing a few days prior. You want to allow your body to heal and any redness to go away before your session. Hairy areas can be distracting, and you know your body hair best. Pay attention to limbs, face, neck and bikini regions.
  • Hands & Feet play a larger role in your boudoir session than you might think. I would prepare your hands and feet with a mani-pedi the day before, and make sure the color fits the look and feel you’re after.
  • If you are having your make-up done, come with a clean, exfoliated and well moisturized face. And don’t scrub your face until it’s raw or red-be gentle.
  • You know your hair, so if you have super oily hair that tends to grease up, wash your hair the day of the session. If you’re hair functions better with a day or so between washes, wash your hair the day before your session.
  • If you are having on-location hair and makeup, prior to the shoot, send us a photo of yourself, a photo of what you want to look like and a description of your hair type and we’ll tell you how to best prepare!


  • Get plenty of sleep the night before. I know you are probably nervous, but if you are well rested, you’re session will be that much more awesome. We don’t want you to fall asleep and force us to Weekend at Bernies the shoot, so get plenty of shut-eye.


  • Bring lots of outfit options. The more you bring, the better! I may see something completely different than you do, so it’s always good to be over prepared in the clothing & lingerie department.


  • Avoid clothing with stains, pils or rips, and iron/steam any items that are super wrinkly. To avoid wrinkles, you can bring items on hangers in a garment bag.


  • Be mindful of accessories and props. Bring one or 2 pairs of your favorite heels and be thoughtful when selecting accessories and jewelry. If there is something super specific to your shoot, please let me know ahead of time so I can come prepared.


  • Don’t get drunk! A lot of women think they will feel better with a few glasses of champagne, but you want to avoid getting drunk, since that is rarely a good look. No one wants a session full of duck lip drunk blink portraits, so if you drink, drink responsibly.

Enjoy the experience. This is an opportunity to relax, let go and have fun!


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